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The modern kitchens are equipped with a high-performance professional, expensive equipment, and if it remain unused for some period of time, it turns in a simple loss, which can be compared with the cost of the equipment itself. Competent repair and on-time maintenances is a safeguard against such losses.

Our service department is an experienced and skilled team of professionals with extensive practical experience in the assembly, installation and connection of equipment. Our specialists carry out the installation of professional kitchen equipment in accordance with all the requirements and regulations of the EU.

Specializing in the repair of professional kitchen equipment, our service has developed and successfully applied, effective methods and technologies of repair, maintenance and diagnostics. Repair of the equipment is carried out either on-site technician to the customer's facility or at a service center of the company "Inkomercs K". All kinds of repair are warranted in accordance with the contract.

The key to quick and quality repair is a professional and comprehensive equipment diagnostic. Our craftsmen have huge knowledge and experience, can make a diagnosis of equipment of any complexity on the basis of the data obtained to give the necessary recommendations on the operation, maintenance and repair of equipment.

Remember that length of trouble-free operation of equipment depends on the conditions of use, care and maintenance. Timely recourse or consulting with your service representative will prevent emergency equipment failure or will minimize the amount of maintenance.

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