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Shock freezer SHOK-40-01

Shock-freezing device SHOK-40-01 is designed for rapid cooling, freezing and further storage of various food products at public catering establishments and trade. Shock freezer cabinet SHOK-40-01 for installation 20xGN 1/1 (depth up to 65 mm), the use of which provides quick and easy loading of products weighing up to 180 kg in several movements.

Main characteristics:

- useful chamber volume 1.1 m3
- 2 trolleys TDSh-40-11 for GN GN1 gastronorm containers (530x325 mm) up to 65 mm deep, distance between levels 70 mm
- refrigeration unit based on the Copeland compressor (Emerson)
- refrigerant - R404A
- electronic control unit with the ability to control and maintain the required temperature
- whole-filling polyurethane foam case
- all surfaces in contact with food are made of austenitic stainless steel AISI 304
- climate class 5
- 2 air coolers with 4 fans each for uniform temperature distribution inside the usable volume
- LED backlight
- automatic hot gas defrost
- a sealant with a magnetic insert on the door to ensure complete thermal insulation
- three-point temperature probe for measuring the temperature inside the product
- heating the doorway at the point of contact with the door seal
- legs regulated on height

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