Main News Coal oven - barbecue VESTA: fast, safe and high quality

Coal oven - barbecue VESTA: fast, safe and high quality

We offer four models of ovens - barbecues, designed for cafes with different throughputs.

Models VESTA - 25, VESTA - 45, VESTA - 50 are already fully professional ovens for institutions from 70 to 150 seat places. In these can be used two frying grills. They are mounted on ergonomic stands and equipped with heat shields. Models VESTA - 25, VESTA -45, VESTA - 50 can be delivered with a spark arrester and with a VESTA water curtain.

What is the difference between the VESTA barbecue and conventional barbecues?

  • Excellent result on different products.
  • Fast - 30% faster than the open barbecue.
  • Economical - coal consumption is 40% less than that of an open barbecue.
  • Comfort in the kitchen - no extra heat.
  • Adjustable draft allows you to control the temperature in the oven.

The design of the VESTA oven guarantees safe operation when installed in enclosed spaces.
Oven - barbecue works on charcoal (without gas and electricity). The frying chamber is made of high heat-resistant steel (17G1S (17GS) - “boiler” steel), 6 mm thick. (Or stainless steel).
Internal thermal insulation saves on coal and eliminates excessive heat around the furnace during its operation.
Side guides allow you to set the grill in 5 positions in height.

The oven – barbecue have:

  • Built-in flame arrester, replaceable protective shield - protects the walls from overheating, replaceable grate.
  • Air draft regulator (upper and lower),ash box, thermometer.

Included: stainless steel frying grill - 1 pc, tongs for food and a poker for coal.

When installing indoors, the grill requires connection to a separate exhaust system, or the installation of a spark arrester with a water curtain.

Depending on the load and operator experience, the grill can work on one portion of coal for a long time.

Additional accessories:

  • Filter - spark arrestor with water curtain
  • Vesta stand with heat cabinet
  • Food tongs
  • Second stainless steel grill
  • Starter for ignition of coals
  • Replaceable protective screen
  • Grate

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