Chest freezer-cooler Tefcold SFI250-CF VS

Chest freezer-cooler Tefcold SFI250-CF VS

Supermarket cooler / freezer with curved glass for full visibility

The SFI freezer is perfect for displaying frozen products in supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, pet food stores etc. The curved glass sliding lids allow full visibility of the products inside. The energy efficient LED interior lighting on the back wall of the freezer, illuminates the products beautifully. The LED light has its own separate power cord, so it can be connected to the rest of the light in the store and be turned off at night to save energy. The supermarket freezer can be arranged into islands with a union kit in the middle and a head case on each end. The variable speed compressor ensures that the unit only regulates the temperature when needed.

  • Available in white and black
  • Easily switchable between cooler and freezer
  • Energy saving variable speed compressor
  • Excellent product visibility
  • Sliding curved lids
  • Adjustable false base
  • LED interior light
  • Bumper bars
  • Noise level 48 dB
  • Union kit for island creation is available as option
Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 2506x858x890
El. Power, kW: 0,9
Voltage, V: 220
Temperature Range, °C: -24 to -18 / -1 to +8
Energy consumption, kW / 24h: 5,51
Volume, L: 1104
Refrigerant: R290
Weight, kg: 201
Country of origin: Denmark

Combined refrigerator-freezers 7455.2510

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 1454x890x2000
Electrical power, kW: 0,91
Nominal voltage, V: 230
Temperature range, °C: 0...+10 (augšdaļa), -18...-22 (apakšdaļa)

Sirman Model Vista Uv

Dimensions UVC 16W S (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x325
Dimensions UVC 16W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Dimensions UVC 24W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Power of one lamp, kW: 0.008

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