Proofer ShRT-16P

Proofer ShRT-16P

The SHRT-16P heat dissipation cabinet is designed for proofing bakery and confectionery products.

The main characteristics of the SHRT-16P :
- range of temperature regulation in the chamber from +25 to + 85 ° C;
- heating the cabinet to operating temperature + 60 ° C for 12 minutes;
- the internal dimensions of the chamber are 650x700x1630 mm;
- increased heat-resistant sight glass;
- internal illumination of the camera;
- steam humidification due to evaporation of moisture from the bath by heating it with an additional TEN.
- automatic adjustment of humidity level in the chamber from 0 to 98%;
- automatic topping up of water in the bath;
- 4 operating modes: proofing, heating, defrosting, programs;
- ability to record up to 110 proofing programs, up to 3 stages in each program;
- fan, taken out of the heating zone, ensures a uniform circulation of hot air in the chamber;
- in the base of the working chamber there is a drain for removing excess moisture;
- for the convenience of maintenance of the cabinet, the power supply and water supply are located on the roof of the product;
- the operation of the cabinet is possible both with the universal trolley TSHG-16-01 (16 levels 600x400 mm or GN2/1) and with the trolley TSHG-16-2 / 1 (16 levels GN 2/1) ;
- sliding threshold with adjustable length from 338 to 460 mm.

The trolley-pin is not included in the delivery set of the SHRT-16P enclosure cabinet.

Overall dimensions, mm : 918x897(1113)x1830
Nominal power consumption, kW: 3,3
Nominal voltage, V: 230
Number of tubular heating elements: 2
Temperature regulation range, °C: +25...+85
Time of heating the chamber up to +60°C, min, in dry heat mode: 12
Water volume poured into 1 bath, l : 2,6
Humidity level in the chamber, % : 0...98
Chamber volume, m3 : 0,94
Weight, kg: 180

Combined refrigerator-freezers 7455.2510

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 1454x890x2000
Electrical power, kW: 0,91
Nominal voltage, V: 230
Temperature range, °C: 0...+10 (augšdaļa), -18...-22 (apakšdaļa)

Sirman Model Vista Uv

Dimensions UVC 16W S (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x325
Dimensions UVC 16W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Dimensions UVC 24W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Power of one lamp, kW: 0.008

Refrigerating-showcase 7526.0015 BLACK

Габариты (ДxШxВ), мм: 1680x600x1980
Mощность, кВт: 0,58
Номинальное напряжение, В: 230
Температурный режим, °С: 0...+10

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