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Electric fry top Abat AKO-90P (grooved surface)


Electric fry top Abat AKO-90P (grooved surface)

AKO-90P electric fry top is designated for cooking meat, fish, pancakes or omlette due to direct contact of the product with the frying surface.

Basic characteristics

- on a stand with a stainless steel shelf;
- side, front and rear surfaces of austenitic stainless steel AISI304;
- all regulators and control lamps are on the front panel;
- a cast-iron grooved surfaced - 834х703 mm;
- along the perimeter of cast-iron surfaces - a side to prevent splattering of fat;
- temperature of the frying surface from 30 C to 270 C;
- duct to remove excess heat and eliminate overheating of the product;
- 2 trays for collecting oil and fat;
- rated power consumption - 12 kW;
- heating of the frying surface is carried out by 8 heating elements;
- the surface heats up to 270 C in 25 minutes;
- emergency thermal switch;
- legs regulated on height;
- the ability to use both independently and as part of technological lines.

Overall dimensions, mm: 840х900х950
Nominal power consumption, kW: 12,0
Nominal voltage, V: 400/230
Frying surface dimensions, mm: 834х703
Baking surface area, m2: 0,59
Max temperature of the frying surface, °C: +270
Time of heating the frying surface to the max temperature, min: 25
Weight, kg: 106

Combined refrigerator-freezers 7455.2510

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 1454x890x2000
Electrical power, kW: 0,91
Nominal voltage, V: 230
Temperature range, °C: 0...+10 (augšdaļa), -18...-22 (apakšdaļa)

Sirman Model Vista Uv

Dimensions UVC 16W S (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x325
Dimensions UVC 16W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Dimensions UVC 24W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Power of one lamp, kW: 0.008

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