Coal oven - barbecue VESTA 50 - a professional oven up to 150 seats. In it can be used two frying grills. It is mounted on ergonomic stands and equipped with heat shields. Professional barbecue for restaurant and cafe. Refers to closed barbecue - charcoal grills.

  • The weight of the oven - barbecue - 262 kg
  • The weight of the oven - barbecue in the maximum configuration - 343 kg
  • Lattice dimensions - 840x740 mm
  • Hourly productivity - an average of 110 kg
  • Coal consumption (per day) - 16 - 20 kg
  • Hood - 3200 m3 / hour
  • Ignition time - about 40 minutes
  • Oven temperature - up to 300 °C
Lattice dimensions, mm: 840 х 740
Coal consumption (per day), kg: 16 - 20
Hood, m3 / hour: 3200
Ignition time, min: ~ 40
Oven temperature, °C: up to 300
The weight of the oven - barbecue, kg: 262
The weight of the oven - barbecue in the maximum configuration, kg: 343

Combined refrigerator-freezers 7455.2510

Dimensions (WxDxH), mm: 1454x890x2000
Electrical power, kW: 0,91
Nominal voltage, V: 230
Temperature range, °C: 0...+10 (augšdaļa), -18...-22 (apakšdaļa)

Sirman Model Vista Uv

Dimensions UVC 16W S (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x325
Dimensions UVC 16W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Dimensions UVC 24W SH-TH (LxWxH), mm: 500x355x405
Power of one lamp, kW: 0.008

Refrigerating-showcase 7526.0015 BLACK

Габариты (ДxШxВ), мм: 1680x600x1980
Mощность, кВт: 0,58
Номинальное напряжение, В: 230
Температурный режим, °С: 0...+10

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